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Best Spa Removal Services and Cost in Albuquerque NM
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Spa Removal Services near Albuquerque NM: Are you looking for the Best Spa Removal Services near Albuquerque NM? ABQ Hauling Junk & Moving, provides a reliable, safe, efficient, and eco-friendly spa, hot tub, Jacuzzi and in-ground spa removal. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Spa Removal Services around Albuquerque NM. We serve Albuquerque NM and other areas. Get a Free Quote Now!



Spa and Jacuzzi Removal & Disposal

Spa Removal Services near Albuquerque NM: Hot tubs and Jacuzzis are a great way to relax and soothe your body and muscles after a long day at work or an energy-draining workout. However, the thought of having your spa or hot tub breaking down can be stressful. Well, that’s because the process of removing a broken down spa, Jacuzzi or hot tub can be labor intensive. More stressing is the fact that you’ll have to start thinking about where to haul the broken pieces. Where will you dispose of the broken pieces in an environmentally friendly manner? Will they fit in your car?

If your hot tub, spa or Jacuzzi is broken, in disrepair, outdated or you just don’t need it anymore, you have no reason to live with it. At ABQ Hauling Junk & Moving provides a reliable, safe, efficient, and eco-friendly spa, hot tub, Jacuzzi and in-ground spa removal. You don’t have to worry about the pickup or disposal of that old tub that you no longer want. We will do it for you.

Our Simple Spa Removal Process

Spa Removal Services near Albuquerque NM: Just like you once brought in the tub that you no longer want, we will help you take it out. As a spa or hot tub owner, you need not be afraid of hot tub removal if you do not use it anymore. You do not have to be afraid of time, the cost and of course the hassle of hauling the old tub away.

Not only do we have the muscles and expertise to move your broken tub safely, but we also have equipment designed specifically for hot tub and spa removal. Whether you have a small or huge unit, we have equipment capable of carrying out any hot tub removal activity.

At ABQ Hauling Junk & Moving, we have a crew that’s fast, experienced and efficient when it comes to spa removal. Some of the things to expect when you call Paul for spa or hot tub removal include:

A Set Time Window

Unlike most removal companies that will have you waiting for their services for hours on end or even days, Albuquerque NM we’ll respond and schedule the removal as quickly as possible. Our crew is not only experienced but is also fast and will remove your spa within a few hours. Generally, we’ll take a couple of hours from the time we arrive and begin the removal process to clear up everything.

We have all the Equipment Needed

Whether you want your hot tub to be hauled off as it is or to be disassembled, we have all the equipment needed for spa removal and transportation. In fact, Albuquerque NM the costs of cutting apart your tub or spa will be included in the removal fees and you won’t have to pay additional fees. Generally, our Albuquerque NM crew will come with all the equipment needed to ensure that you do not incur extra costs or inconvenience.

Professional Crew

As the leading removal company in Wichita KS, we have to lead by example and we only employ a crew with the utmost professionalism. When we arrive at your address, our crew won’t make you nervous as a result of questionable characters.

Our crew members are not only professional but they are also respectful. In fact, they’ll all arrive in full uniform so that you can easily identify them.

We’ll Offer an Informed Initial Estimate

Generally, we’ll ask you a few questions about your spa or hot tub when you call us for our services. For instance, we’ll want to know whether it’s an in-ground or above-ground unit. We’ll also want to know its size, the location of your property and the availability of any obstruction if available.

Such things will help us give you a more precise initial estimate. We also do this to ensure that there are no extra costs.

We will Use Large Trucks and Make Sure that there is No Mess

While our spa and hot tub removal rates are affordable, they’ll depend on the amount of space your spa will take in our truck. That being said, we always use a suitable truck to help you avoid any form of inconvenience.

Again, we’ll make sure we perfectly remove all the dust, debris and dirt that arise from the removal process. We’ll basically leave your place as clean as we found it.

Tips for Easy Spa Removal

More often than not, removing a spa or a hot tub from your backyard may seem a little daunting and overwhelming. That’s because it’s filled with a few hundred liters of water, has numerous electrical hookups and is probably rooted in the deck itself.

With that in mind, there’s no doubt that various circumstances will obviously require you to make different decisions. For instance, you may want to remove it and move it whilst it’s still intact or you’re not worried about breaking the spa into pieces because you’re getting a brand new one. All in all, spa removal and taking care of it doesn’t have and shouldn’t be a difficult or expensive process, especially if you have experts from ABQ Hauling Junk & Moving to handle it for you.

Getting rid of an old spa for a new one

You perhaps have an old tub in your backyard and it sucks! Worry not, you’re in safe hands. If you’ve conclusively decided to destroy it, we’ll save you from the sweaty process by destroying it for you.

It actually doesn’t make a lot of sense to have that old spa intact in your backyard since you’ll eventually have to find a way of disposing it, which will obviously be daunting if it’s still intact. After all, it’s much easier and cheaper to dispose of an old hot tub when it’s broken into smaller manageable parts and pieces.

That said, we fully understand that you’ll need the deck and foundation for your next spa, and we’ll involve our professional spa removal experts to ensure that the spa is safely and properly destroyed without doing anything disparaging to the deck.

Draining the Tub

Now that you’ve owned a spa, you most likely know how to drain a tub. But whether or not you know how to do it, we will be there to give you a helping hand and show you a thing or two (that’s if you’re interested) on how to drain the tub.

The most important thing to remember before draining a tub is to completely switch off electricity even if it means flipping off the circuit breaker. As you’ve already imagined, this is for safety reasons.

There’s always a drainage spout at the bottom of the spa. We’ll attach it to a garden hose. This is basically to direct the flow of water to an area that will not be weighed down by the drained water. In essence, this is to prevent your backyard from flooding.

After removing the water, we’ll use a vacuum to remove the remaining puddles because we’re fully aware that you’ll need the spa as dry and clean as possible in readiness for the next step.

Ready Yourself with an Instruction Manual

If you’ve decided to hire us for this service, you’ll not have to worry about getting an instruction manual. If you however, decide to go the do-it-yourself route, we’d recommend that you read the manual and follow the steps that were used to assemble the spa, albeit backwards. If by any chance you inherited the spa, you can find the manual on the manufacturer’s website. It should detail the location of the spout, electrical wirings, tubes, and also how to remove the skirt, the tub or even how to disassemble it.

Some of the tools that you’ll need for this process include:

  • Protective clothing
  • Safety eyewear
  • Work gloves
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Remove the Spa Skirt

Made from tongue-and-groove parts, the outside part of the spa can be easily removed without sawing. All you have to do is follow the instruction manual and find which parts have been screwed in.

Disassemble the Tub

Keep in mind that the hardest part to remove from the backyard is the spa’s outer shell. This is where the saw and protective gear will come in handy. Remember; you’ll have debris flying all over you and get covered in dust.


How much do Hot Spring Spas cost?

Spa Removal Services near Albuquerque NM: Most hot tubs from Hot Spring Spas start at $6,999. A premium hot tub for four adults with a Freshwater Salt System, multicolor lighting, an LCD control panel and Fiercer insulation costs between $9,000 and $10,000. Hot Spring Spas’ prices vary based on features, size and local taxes.


Do I need to empty out my hot tub before you pick it up?

We recommend you drain all water and disconnect any hoses which may connect to your hot tub. Do you know how to drain the water from your hot tub? The first thing you must do is attach a garden hose to the hot tub’s bottom drain spout and check that is connected firmly. Open the spigot and allow the tub to drain.

Do I need to disconnect my hot tub before you haul it away?

Junk King recommends you disconnect your hot tub before we arrive. The first thing you should do is turn off the heater on the side of the hot tub, and switch it off at the main supply. If you are not sure, contact your local plumber. Second, locate the circuit breaker for the hot tub and turn it off. If your hot tub has electric air blowers, turn the circuit breaker back on and replace the spa cover. The next thing is to turn on the blower and let it run for a minute. If the water won’t drain through the spigot, use a shop vacuum to clean up the leftover water.

Will a hot tub fit in one of your trucks?

When you call the professional hot tub removal and disposal professionals at Junk King you receive a full service hot tub removal and disposal service. Junk King has developed a specialized system to remove and dispose of your old hot tub or bathtub. Regardless of how large or small your hot tub may be, our team has the tools and the trucks to remove and dispose of the hot tub waste and debris. Call today and schedule a time for our crews to stop by and pick-up that old hot tub.

How much notice do I need to schedule a hot tub removal pick-up?

Most people wanted us yesterday but we offer same-day service or the very next day. Call today and schedule a pickup time for your local Junk King franchise to haul away your hold hot tub.


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