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Carpet removal Service near Albuquerque NM: Are you looking for the Best Carpet removal Service near Albuquerque NM? ABQ Hauling Junk & Moving, our professional crew will schedule a time that works for you to haul away your carpet. We also have years of experience with recycling carpet and will make sure your disposal is eco-friendly. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Carpet removal Service around Albuquerque NM. We serve Albuquerque NM and other areas. Get a Free Quote Now!



Carpet Removal

We’re Ready to Remove, Recycle or Dispose of Your Old Carpeting

Carpet removal Service near Albuquerque NM: Carpet removal is rarely one of those things you think about all the time. But when you do need to think about it, it swiftly becomes an urgent need. Situations like home renovations, floods, mold and other welcome or not-so-welcome events can suddenly create the need for a carpet removal service.

Our ABQ Hauling Junk & Moving team of junk removal professionals can safely haul away your old, unwanted or damaged carpet, allowing you to focus your energy on the next project at hand. With our eco-friendly policies, you can rest easy that we will recycle as much of the material as possible, so your project will have the smallest impact on the Earth as possible.

Types of Carpeting and Rugs We Remove

  • Home carpeting
  • Office carpeting
  • Wall-to-wall carpeting
  • Flood- or water-damaged carpet
  • Fire-damaged carpet
  • Indoor / outdoor carpeting or rugs
  • Area rugs of all sizes
  • Carpet Padding

You don’t have to wait to have your carpet removed. Just call to ABQ Hauling Junk & Moving or Book Online and our professional crew will schedule a time that works for you to haul away your carpet. We also have years of experience with recycling carpet and will make sure your disposal is eco-friendly.

Our Junk Removal Services

Carpet removal Service near Albuquerque NM: It doesn’t matter where in Manhattan you are we’ll find a way to get to you. Over the decades we’ve been in the junk removal business, we’ve taken virtually any kind of junk you can think of. This includes:

  • carpet scraps
  • beat up mattresses
  • discarded auto parts
  • excess construction waste
  • old sofas and other furniture
  • dying appliances
  • yard waste
  • and more!

If our two man crew can find a way to move it, then we’ll haul it away for you. It’s that friendly, can-do attitude that has made us the largest junk removal company in the world. We’re in your neighborhood.

Affordable Pricing

When we give you a quote, it’s customized to your particular junk removal job. You don’t have to worry about people standing around and killing time we charge by the volume of junk we haul, not by the time it takes us to remove the junk. It’s these affordable rates that have kept us as leaders in the junk removal industry. No matter what your junk problem is, we can deal with it while working inside your budget. Show us what we’re up against.

Carpet Removal Services:

  • Residential Carpet Removal
  • Townhome Carpet Removal
  • Apartment Building Carpet Removal
  • Hotel Carpet Removal
  • Office Carpet Removal

How to Remove Carpet in 6 Easy Steps

Carpet removal Service near Albuquerque NM: You’ve finally decided to get rid of that worn-out wall-to-wall carpet, but before you can install new flooring or fresh carpet, you’ve got to get it off the floor and out of the house. While a carpet installer can take it out, you can save time and money by learning how to remove carpet yourself. All it takes is a dust mask and a little bit of muscle and that old shag carpet will be gone before you know it. Read on to find out how to remove carpet and the tools and materials you’ll need to get the job done right.

Materials and Tools

  • Utility knife
  • Crowbar
  • Pliers
  • Dusk mast
  • Shop vacuum
  • Heavy work gloves
  • Floor scraper
  1. Remove obstacles.

You’ll want to make sure all furnishings are out of the way before you start pulling up the carpet. If your carpet was installed under a shoe molding, use a crowbar to remove it. Doors that swing into the room should also be removed.

  1. Take precautions.

Old carpet can be full of dust, so be sure to wear a dust mask. Protective gloves should be worn to protect hands from staples and while cutting the carpet and handling tack strips.

  1. Remove the carpet.

Loosen a corner with pliers and pull the carpet back. To make the removal process easier, you’ll want to cut the carpet into easier-to-carry strips. Once you’ve pulled back about two feet of the carpet, fold it over and use your utility knife to cut through the back. Carpet is easier to cut from the back and this also protects the floor beneath. Continue pulling and cutting until all of the carpet has been removed. Carry the pieces out of the room.

  1. Remove the tack strips.

If you’re going to be installing new carpet, you can leave the tack strips, the thin piece of wood studded with nails around the border of the room, as long as they aren’t damaged or rusted. To remove them, use your crowbar to pry them off the floor. Be sure to wear heavy-duty gloves.

  1. Remove the carpet pad.

Start at the corner and pull back the padding. Fold the pad over and cut into strips, just as you did with the carpet. The pad may have been stapled or glued to the subfloor. Use a floor scraper to remove stuck-on pieces and pull out staples. You can also use pliers to remove the staples, but a floor scraper will save you a lot of time.

  1. Clean up.

Once everything has been removed, use a shop vacuum to clean the subfloor. Check with your local sanitation department to find out their policy on carpet disposal. You may be able to set it out on a bulk-pickup day or bring it to a drop-off facility. Some cities have also carpet recycling programs.

The ABQ Hauling Junk & Moving specializes in carpet removal projects.  No matter how big or how small of an area you need to remove carpet from, we’ll be able to complete most carpet removal projects in just one day.

If you’d like to have your old, dirty carpet removed and disposed of properly then give The ABQ Hauling Junk & Moving a call today.


Tips on How to Remove Carpet

Remove old carpet yourself and save!

Carpet removal Service near Albuquerque NM: Having new carpet installed? Removing the old stuff yourself is a smart move. Here’s how to remove carpet quickly and efficiently.

Before the tear-out

Talk with your installer to find out exactly how much you’ll save by doing the how to remove carpet project yourself. Your installer can also give you advice on handling any unusual situations in your home and what to do with the old carpet. Many trash haulers will accept short rolls of carpet along with the regular trash and some cities have carpet recycling programs.

Before you begin tearing up carpet, remove any doors that swing into the room, including behold closet doors. Doors that swing into adjoining rooms can stay in place. Then clear the floor completely, removing all the furniture from the room. Slip on a pair of gloves to protect your knuckles from the abrasive carpet backing and the needle-sharp tack strip. There’s a lot of dust trapped inside old carpet. So if you’re sensitive to dust, strap on a dust mask, too.

Required Tools for this How to Remove Carpet

Have the necessary tools for this DIY how to remove carpet project lined up before you start; you’ll save time and frustration.

  • Dust mask
  • Knee pads
  • Locking pliers
  • Pry bar
  • Safety glasses
  • Utility knife


Carpet Removal Cost

Carpet removal Service near Albuquerque NM: The cost to remove and dispose of old carpeting runs from $1–$2 per square yard, or $0.11 to $0.22 per square foot on average. The cost of removing the carpet in a 330-square foot living room is between $37 and $183, but with a minimum removal charge of $150 to $200, the average homeowner will pay $175 to remove carpet from one large room. In some cases, carpet removal can cost up to $5 per square yard or $0.56 per square foot for glued-down carpet.

Carpet Removal Cost Per Square Foot

  • National Average Cost $0.16
  • Minimum Cost $0.10
  • Maximum Cost $0.56
  • Average Range $0.11 to $0.22

Average Cost To Remove Carpet

Removing existing carpet costs between $1 and $2 per square yard, and your minimum charge will be around $150 to $200. This price does not include any repair of the nail or staple holes, or reinstallation of baseboards. Also, removing glued carpet can cost up to $5 per square yard or $0.56 per square foot.

Before you can put down your new floors, you have to take out the existing carpet, because you can’t install new carpet or any other kind of new flooring over old carpet. Removal of the old carpet may be included in the estimate for installing the new carpet.

Average Cost To Remove Carpet

Cost Factor                                      Average Cost

Basic Removal Cost                        $1–$2/sq. yd.

Stairs                                                  $7–$10/stair

Glued Carpet Up to                       $5/sq. yd.

Furniture Moving                           $0.23/sq. ft.

Carpet Disposal                               $.50–$1/sq. ft.

Recycle Carpet                                $.05–$.25/pound

Carpet Removal Cost Factors

The cost factors below don’t note the fact that any floor repair must be done before new flooring is installed repair of nail and staple holes are included in the cost at $0.96 to $4.34 per square foot. Carpet removal costs also don’t include reinstalling baseboards or trim which costs about $375 for a typical living room measuring 20’ x 20’). In addition to the basic cost of $1 to $2/sq. yd., factor in these extra costs below:

Removing Carpet from Stairs

Removing carpet from stairs takes extra time, as each step must be done one at a time. Each step will have carpet pad staples, tack strips, and padding that need removing. Expect to pay between $7 and $10 per step.

Remove Glued-Down Carpet

A glued-down carpet will mean a lot more work for the removal person because the glue used on the carpet is meant to last forever. And once you do get the carpet up, the glue must be scraped off the subfloor. Expect to spend up to $5 per square yard to remove the glued-down carpet.

Furniture Moving

Because of the time and labor involved in moving all the furniture out of one or several rooms, there is a fee for this service. It’s one place where you can save on the cost of removing the carpet. If your rooms are clean and empty of every single thing, the installers can go right to work. Else, expect to pay around $0.23/sq. ft. or $60/hour.

Cost to Dispose of Old Carpet

You can hire a junk hauling company to come and pick up your old carpet and haul it off. Prices vary according to location, but you can expect to pay $0.50 to $3 per sq. ft. or about $80 total. [1] [2] Sometimes they will haul to the landfill, but if they have access to a carpet recycler, they may haul it there. Some landfills accept carpeting, and some won’t.

Sometimes, if your carpet is still in good shape, it can be reused. An option for reuse includes listing it on a community board online if someone wants it, they can come and pick it up, saving you the trouble.

Cost to Recycle Carpet

Ask your carpet professional if they’ll bring your carpet to a recycling center if that’s your preference. Access to a recycling center depends on where you live. Check with your city or county to see what’s available to you. You can recycle used carpet at CARE (Carpet America Recovery Effort), or other recycling centers if they accept carpet. CARE charges $0.05 to $0.25 per pound of carpet, and carpet is heavy, weighing in at 4–5 pounds per square yard, so a 1,000 sq. ft of carpet could cost between $225 and $1,125 to recycle.

Carpet Removal Cost Calculator

Carpet removal Service near Albuquerque NM: The cost to remove carpet is figured in square yards or by the hour. The cost to remove and dispose of carpet will run about $1–$2 a square yard, or up to $5/sq. yd. if the carpet is glued down.

Here’s how to calculate your room size:

  • Measure the width and length of the floor.
  • Multiply the width by the length. For example, if the room is 8’ x 10’, the square footage will be 80 square feet.
  • Divide the square feet by 9 to get the square yardage. In our sample, that would work out at 8.88 sq. yds.

Carpet Removal Tools

To remove your own carpet you will require the following tools:

  • Pliers or vise grips: $5 to $10 per item.
  • Knife: $5 to $10 per item.
  • Gloves, eye protection, and dust mask: $1 to $2 per item.
  • Vacuum: $50 to $1000.
  • Heavy duty trash bags: $5 per roll.

Hammer and pry bar: $5 to $10 per item.


How much does rug removal cost?

Removing a rug costs $0.35 to $0.45 per square foot based on a contractor coming in, rolling up the rug and hauling it away by vehicle for disposal or recycling. If furniture needs to be moved then they could charge an additional $0.20 to $0.25 per square foot of furniture.

How do I know if I should repair, clean, or remove and replace my carpeting?

Ten years is the lifespan of a carpet according to most manufacturers. You should consider cleaning or repairing if it has the following:

  • Stubborn stains.
  • Flattened fibers or padding.
  • Small rips or tears.
  • Strong odors
  • Increase in allergies.

How can I find cheap carpet removal companies or services?

You can search our directory of carpet removal companies and services to find an affordable, background-checked contractor. All HomeAdvisor listings are vetted, reviewed and rated by homeowners, so you can be sure to find a local pro qualified for your project.

How much do carpet removers charge to move furniture?

Expect to pay $0.20 to $0.25 per square foot of furniture that needs to be shifted between rooms. A few small and light items might be done for free. We do not recommend moving furniture yourself due to the risk of injury and damage to your furniture.

How much is carpet removal in Albuquerque NM?

It costs $1.10 to $2.10 per square foot to remove carpet in Albuquerque NM, including the labor costs, waste disposal and cleaning up the site.

How much to pull up commercial carpet?

Including labor time and haul away costs, it is a minimum of $1 per square foot to remove commercial carpet. But the price can drop to $0.85 per square foot if you’re removing more than 1000 square feet of carpeting.

Can I use household carpet cleaners for spot removal?

We recommend using only ServiceMaster Clean products. For more information, contact your local ServiceMaster Clean professional.


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