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Decluttering Services: Decluttering may be liberating, but when you live in Albuquerque NM and you have a lot of junk, how do you dispose of it? The answer is ABQ Hauling Junk & Moving. We offer declutter junk removal moving help services. We are the #1 decluttering company in Albuquerque NM rated by yelp, Facebook and google maps. Free estimates instant quote online or by phone! Cost of declutter services? Free estimates! Call today book online or email us for a quick estimate!



ABQ Hauling Junk & Moving Decluttering Services

If you are looking for a professional and reliable decluttering service to organize/remove unwanted clutter from your home or apartment then please give us a call. We have been in business for years and understand that this is a sensitive issue and treat every client with the utmost respect and courtesy in this situation.

Here is our approach:

ABQ Hauling Junk & Moving has a unique style to getting organized.

We have mastered this technique after spending thousands of hours with clients that proves our process is the best that saves you time while maximizing your space.
We don’t sell products to help get organized (that is one of the biggest misconceptions out there) you can’t just buy something to help you get organized.
Initially we learn about you and your specific needs, then we design a system based on your personality, style and then help you organize your stuff.
Remember, first comes the declutter, then comes the design.

So Are You Ready To Declutter?

We begin with a one hour consultation in your space to get to know you, what the obstacles are, discuss the possibilities and after the assessment you will receive a personalized step by step plan of action, including scope of work, time frame etc.
Our scheduling is easy, you tell us what days work and we set it up and reserve your appointment in our system.
Each session you’ll learn new organizational habits and gain insight about how to maintain a clutter free environment.

ABQ Hauling Junk & Moving is making organizing easy.


When our older citizens begin to move out of their homes where they raised their children, and spent many of their years, there are some issues. When these individuals begin moving out of their homes, they have a large amount of items that they do not know what to do with. The items may include obsolete pieces of technology, children’s toys, furniture, etc. All of this adds up to a large amount of clutter that needs to be removed from their homes. And that is where a clutter cleanup company can be helpful in removing and sorting items from a property.
Often times the individuals who are moving out of the property are often too weak to move the wide variety of items out of the property and thereby alleviate the clutter issues in the property. These items can include large furniture items that were used by their children, who have long since grown up and left their home. As such these children who must have moved far away do not have the ability to come home to help their parents remove their childhood items from their home. A consequence of this is too hire a company that can sort and remove the items from the home. Another problematic area are the storage areas that can be difficult to remove items from.

Senior Basement Cleaning

The basement area of the home is place where a significant amount of items area stored that need to be removed. Basements are often the areas where unwanted, obsolete, or seasonal items are placed. This is one of the most clutter prone places in many elderly people’s homes, because many of these items are no longer in use. However, some of the items need to be removed are items that are considered valuable by family members, examples of this might include old photographs, family heirlooms, or pieces that hold a cherished memory for an elderly individual. Another factor is the removal of the items.

Another area that tends to be needed to be decluttered is the bedroom areas. Many times there are items in the closets that need to be removed that are outdated and forgotten about. However, once these items can be sorted and removed this will help them in the process of moving on with their lives. An example this might be an old suit or dress from a long time ago. Once the clutter has been removed from the bedroom, then the situation has been addressed.

Senior Moving Cleanup

Decluttering a senior citizens residence before they move is one of the most important parts upon moving on to a new stage of their life. It allows them to simplify their lifestyle and make them less worrisome about possessions, which are actually a hindrance. This is important for them to realize this to let go of the past and move on to a decluttered life.

ABQ Hauling Junk & Moving senior moving and senior clutter cleaning services are specialized services to help seniors when moving to a new location or wanting to clear out a home for a future sale or just to live in a clutter free environment.


Need a Fresh Start? 4 Tips to Declutter Your Home

Your home is your pride and joy. It’s the strongest reflection of who you are and what you represent. The problem is that you sometimes put too much of yourself in your home. Since everything is so personal, you dread giving up anything. When you do that, it’s like throwing away a small piece of yourself. Still, it’s time to admit the truth. You own too much stuff and need to get rid of some junk. Here are four tips on how to declutter your home.

Go Room by Room

The process of throwing out needless items in your home can feel daunting. That’s why it’s so important to divide the work evenly. The best approach is to attack one room per work period. That way, you’ll have a clear stopping point or, at the very least, an understanding of when to take a break. The average American home has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. Including the garage, that’s a total of eight work areas to declutter. You can feel great about the process in knowing that every time you clean two rooms, you’re another quarter of the way to a less

Build Two Piles

The easiest method for decluttering your home is also the harshest. Pick the room in your home that makes you feel the most claustrophobic. Odds are good that it’s the one that has too much junk. Now, look around the room and choose a handful of items that make you happy when you look at them. Consider those the baseline for the keeper pile. Anything you believe makes you appreciate the room more should go in this grouping.
The hard part is the other pile. When you look at an item and realize that it serves no purpose, its value is questionable. Use a second test to decide whether it’s necessary. Does it make you feel better about the room or yourself when you look at it? If the answer to both of these questions is no, you have an item in your home that is simply taking up space. You’ve just admitted that it serves no purpose and provides no joy. That’s an item that belongs in the discard pile. You’re going to improve your living conditions by taking back that space.

Think About What You Would Replace

If the separation of keeper and junk piles is too dramatic for you, take a different approach. Imagine a doomsday scenario. What if a flood or fire ruined all the items in your home? Your insurance company would offer to replace the items using a method called actual cash value. Since you don’t get back everything you lost, you have to make a hard decision. Which items do you need the most? Evaluate your personal belongings from the same perspective. If you had to start from scratch, which things do you need the most? More importantly, how many items serve no real purpose? Those are the ones you’re keeping without justification. All they do is take up space in your home, and that’s why you can safely get rid of them. Think about using a junk removal service for clunky items that have no value, then consider selling the rest.

Turn Junk Into Cash

By selling the remaining items, you’ll be rewarding yourself with some extra money, and also avoiding the risk of reconsidering your decision to get rid of them. The items that you’ve identified as trash will become someone else’s treasure, and they’ll be able to repurpose them in a more productive way. And finally, the earnings from your sales are effectively found money.

You have your choice of ways to sell your unwanted items. The most popular is an online method. You can list your belongings on Craigslist or eBay, setting the price you feel is appropriate. The former option is better if you don’t want to deal with the shipping process. Alternately, you can avoid the internet altogether by inviting potential customers to your home. A garage sale is a longstanding method for decluttering, and you’ll have the money immediately. eBay takes a cut, and their favored system is PayPal, which does as well. Craigslist also gives you all the profits. You’ll have to meet a stranger, however, and that makes some people uncomfortable.

What’s important about this method is that you set up a rewards system. By selling your junk, you earn cash. That incentivizes you to act less emotionally about your belongings.
Decluttering your home doesn’t have to feel stressful. Simply follow the four steps above. You’ll reap the rewards in several key ways. Your home won’t seem so claustrophobic, you won’t become a hoarder, and you’ll earn some cash for your efforts.


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